Friday, December 6, 2013

Decade of Change

It was just over 10 years ago that my wife and I, went to our first Personal Mastery. Life has changed!

I view much of life as “win/win” or it’s not about me, it’s about… it’s white/it’s blue….

So many things were stretched well out of my comfort zone and I’m still here, still moving and living.

As a promoter/controller, I’ve embraced much that I hadn’t seen and continue to see even more. Yes, I see the analyst and supporter in me, no matter how much I want to deny it!

I was in leadership to the level of board member or even Vice President in a number of organizations; however, I would never allow myself to take the lead. Not so today. I’ve now been the president of several organizations.

I view success through different glasses. It is not about the dollar figure in the bank for me, though, we’ve managed better than most.

I still live in a very political world. I begged God to let me out, but He had greater plans.

I understand better the wilderness experience that Moses had, oh so up close and personal. I’ve learned that “resistance is futile!” (BTW and destructive!)

I find myself in a spot that I never considered; re-firing instead of retiring! I talked about this idea years ago, and now I’m seeing it first-hand.

That day when at Heart of the Samurai, Thursday to be exact, that I was all excited to tell Nancy Dean that I had been quoted in a Washington Post article about homelessness. (If you’ve been to HOS this should be meaningful!)

Brian was such an amazing Samurai, “how can I serve you”? (Not sure I have the exact wording, but it still fits.) I have offered to help many people, on so many different levels, as a direct result of my brief time as his friend.

It was, and is, an honor to have called Brian my friend. I hope that through me and all of you, Brian continues to make a positive impact through “an army of compassionate Samurai,” who make a difference in this world.

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