Saturday, August 23, 2008


Success-How Will You Do IT?
A path to success:

1) Purpose

Make the decision, and don't look back! Along with the decision comes singleness of purpose. A true decision will create focus.

It was once said that no man could serve two masters. However subtle it is said, you can only focus in one direction.

2) Passion

A true decision to go all-in, will produce passion! You effort will be solid when you choose. All-in, implies that your training, reading, conversation, and fellowship will be around your decision.

All these things bring your inner most being to the surface and guess what, you’re all-in! What flows will be from that very decision.

Trash in / trash out OR Great stuff in / passion out!!!

3) Patience

Plant it and it will grow, not overnight, but in its season. The farmer will plant his seeds after the ground is prepared. Once the seed is planted, the ground must be attended, watered, cultivated… The sun must shine, the rain will come, and the seed will grow.

The best wines come from a very wet season, and then something changes. The season becomes dry. It seems as if the crop will be lost, but with patience comes the harvest. They make the wine and you have the most amazing wine.

4) Presence

With the three points we’ve discussed, you have a presence about you that will attract other positive people.

Others may be groupies, waiting to be lead, but you will do what needs to be done. You’ll be the one in the front. You’ll be the one listening to the tapes, reading the books, and plowing the ground. (Sorry, I drifted back a point.)

Surrounding yourself with positive people you will be able to tackle some high obstacles. Everest shouldn't be climbed alone! It's not worth the risk.

Now that I’ve used a ton of clich├ęs, make your choice and go for it!


Blessings, Joe Crawford

This post was inspired by: Network Marketing Success-How Did They Do IT? Thank you Ann.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Self Esteem

A new friend of mine asks: "How Does One Lose Self Esteem Once Born?" (Check out her blog.)

There are a number of short answers, but I believe the keys are found in guilt and also not taking responsibility.

Many times, even as a child, we make bad choices. The natural reaction is to feel guilty, and go into defense mode. Somewhere inside we feel we aren't all that we should be.

The best way to deal with this low self esteem is to accept responsibly for our action. I don't mean advertising that we were wrong. I do, however, mean that we need to identify our part and acknowledge it. This can be internal or shared with anyone who may have been affected. Wisdom should be used here, don't just run around announcing that you blew it.

5 years ago I became aware that I was affected, by an event that happened to my wife, in a much bigger way than I ever imagined! She was "abducted" some years ago on her way to work.

How could I possibly be responsible for some "down on his luck", and hyped up on drugs idiot, abducting my wife? There are a number of things I could have done and didn't. I didn't drive her to work, for example.

Once I faced the facts and became responsible, my life changed.

(This is only a thought, and not necessarily the answer to all self esteem issues.)

Blessings, Joe Crawford

For further ideas read "If How-To's Were Enough We Would All be Skinny, Rich and Happy" by Brian Klemmer

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Blog to Share

Not ready to launch yet, but I found a great blog I'd thought I'd share:

"Success is built on lots of small steps. Start taking them..."

Cheers, Joe

Starting soon

Please come back soon. I plan to use this site to connect with other Klemmer Grads and anyone that is looking to connect based on the idea of a win-win willingness to help others.