Thursday, March 28, 2013

Honest Debate

We are engaging in debates today that are altogether off subject. Free thinking doesn't make one an "Uncle Tom," a bigot, a homophobe... Doesn't make you ________ (fill in the blank.)

Legalization of drugs... let's lower the drinking age again...

The question should be, "why are drugs illegal?" "Why did we raise the drinking age?"

There are many other topics today that the wrong questions are being asked, all for equality, personal liberty, to prove your own point...

I saw a video of Peirs Morgan, Suze Orman, and a young man from Heritage Foundation. Suze O. kicked out an argument about partners paying inheritance tax. The young man pointed out that the real problem was the "death tax" in the first place. (I agree with him on that point.) Suze ceded that it wasn't even an issue! Obviously making the debate on that point, nonsense!!

I remember that the "war on drugs" and making drugs illegal was all about stopping crime... public safety...

The drinking age was raised because we tried the 18 yr old drinking age experiment and drunk related death sky rocketed; it didn't work! We corrected the failure.

Let's leave the arena of emotional, knee-jerk reactions and engage in serious, kind, respectful and open debate.

Thank you, Joe Crawford
(Permission to copy if kept intact)